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Speed e-bike

The Ahooga Speed is an All-Wheel Drive (ADW) high speed e-bike (45 km/h). It’s patented dual engine technology, traction control and 1150 Wh battery offers you the world’s fastest and safest e-bike. The Speed is a collaboration between Ahooga and Ellio, two Belgian e-bike companies.

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All-Wheel Drive and more
unique features

The Speed is the world’s first all-wheel drive e-bike. It comes equipped with two electric motors, a low-maintenance Gates belt drive and a powerful battery. The Ahooga Speed shifts fully automatically. The support is automatically adjusted to a speed limit and cadence that you can set yourself.

From €6,699

A match made in Belgium

Ellio Bikes and Ahooga Bikes are two young Belgian bike manufacturers, developing exciting new products with an eye on tomorrow’s urban mobility.

Founded in 2018 by two automotive engineers, Ellio builds groundbreaking speed pedelecs based on its own patented technology. Sharing a vision on the potential of high-speed bikes in big cities, Ellio and Ahooga have joined forces to create an Ellio Elite “Ahooga Edition” bike.


“We both see major potential for high-speed bikes as a true car alternative in larger urban areas. As two small but very complementary Belgian players, it makes so much sense to work together on achieving our mission both in Belgium and abroad. Hence this collaboration. We are very excited about what Ahooga’s team has done with our Ellio Elite bike.”
Jorrit Heidbuchel, Ellio co-founder

Faster 45km/h easily

Thanks to the intelligent two-wheel drive system, you can effortlessly ride up to 45 km/h. Most high speed bikes ‘claim’ capacity to support up to 45 km/h, the Ahooga Speed actually makes it happen thanks to its 2 motors for a combined 1500 Watt power. Acceleration is fast and automatic.

Speed km/h


Power in Watt



The Speed will get you further!

The Speed is designed for long and carefree bike rides.

We offer the smoothest driving experience in combination with low maintenance and sustainability: 


  1. 1. 1150Wh battery
  2. 2. Maintenance free drivetrain
  3. 3. Sensorless BLDC motors

Large battery

The largest battery available on the market gives you a range of up to 80 km at speeds above 40 km/h. Of course, you get even further if you moderate your speed and lower the level of electric assistance.

Icing on the cake: engine braking recharges the battery at the same time.

In addition, the smart charging process extends the battery life.

Range in km




Maintenance free drivetrain

No worries about a rattling chain or dirty hands, the Gates® drive belts are whisper quiet, clean, and durable. As the Ahooga speed’s gearing system is fully integrated in the motor system, you simply have no need for a derailleur system which is maintenance intensive and highly vulnerable.

Sensorless BLDC motors

Our brushless DC motors work without vulnerable sensors thanks to the innovative motor control. This makes them sustainable and efficient.


The Ahooga Speed’s patented technology brings you the safest e-bike available on the market.

Traction Control

The dual motor drive guarantees a perfect grip under all conditions. The Ellio software continuously provides the optimal traction by verifying at a rate of a hundred times per second the drive torque on both wheels. When you are on the verge of losing traction, the system will automatically lower torque so you do not slip. It allows you to ride on ice if you want (really!).

Dual braking system

  1. 2WD system with electric brake: engine braking
    Both engines can also function as brakes. Engine braking allows you to brake in a controlled and energy-efficient manner, for example when descending or slowing down before an intersection. Furthermore, the battery is charged by regenerative braking.
  2. Disc brakes
    For sudden braking or an emergency stop, you can count on the powerful hydraulic disc brakes, with engine cutoff sensor.


IoT connected with Tracefy app: access to GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, route analysis and statistics.
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Eyes on the road

Riding the speed pedelec comes naturally: the shifting system is fully automatic. The revolutionary CVT (continuously variable transmission) guarantees that you are always in the right gear, even when you restart after a sudden stop. The CVT automatically picks up where you left off. So, you'll never leave in the wrong gear again.


The technology is extremely intuitive. No distractions: no gears to handle, no support levels to be increased or reduced… Based on a pre-set desired cadence, the system does everything for you, so you have to do nothing but cycle, enjoy and keep your eyes on the road.

Unrivaled stability

The 20 inch wheels lower the center of gravity. This results in unprecedented stability. The wide tires in turn provide superior traction.

It's all in the details


Front: low beam and high beam. The low beam is switched on automatically. High beam can be used on unlit roads or switched on briefly to alert others of potential danger.

Rear: Parking light with integrated brake light.

Large display

On the 3.5-inch display you can see your driving statistics (such as distance, speed, duration of the ride), battery capacity, and assistance level.

Anti-puncture tires

The Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires provide grip and comfort. Combined with the Tannus anti-puncture shield they offer maximum puncture protection.

Suspension options

Parallelogram/spring loaded Saddle (+ €200) and/or Steering Suspension (+ €200)

Rear carrier

At the back is a standard rack, with load capacity of 27kg, compatible with cycle bags.

Ergonomic handles

Even on long journeys, your grip on the handlebars remains comfortable.

Technical specifications